Why Les Roses de Cachi?

We met unexpectedly at the wedding of a common friend on the other side of the world, in New Caledonia. After sharing a room for three weeks during this trip, being roommate during a couple months in a 25 square meters, being apart due to our lives being in London and Paris, we wanted to live a very special adventure together. This race is a mix of off road driving, (re)discovery of an amazing place, personal reflection, meeting people and associations that we would not have been able to meet any other way. We hope to make this adventure unbelievable…

Louise          Louise Marty


Well in my Parisian life with its crazy rhythm, my wishes of challenges and my curiosity about the world that is around are tickling me. I have felt the need for a different project and to see further. What a better way to do it than a car race in a country that I only know in postcards, to discover atypical sceneries, in an atypical situation, with an atypical friend, to share our atypical 30th birthday!


Caroline             Caroline Lebourg

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