Culture 10: Asados


Culture 10 : Asados


An asado (grilled, roasting) is a culinary technique of cooking raw aliments, mainly meat 11(Argentina is well known for its excellent meat) The cooking process includes of exposing the raw food to fire or hot air.

The most common method to prepare an asado is grilling meaning cooking horizontally. But it’s also possible to make a cross asado “al asador” meaning cooking the food vertically and the structure is usually a cross.

The asado is a very ancient process, used all over the world where the raw material is available.

The asado is also a social act. It could be considered as the national meal of Argentina, its preparation is very ritual and is very different from a barbecue.

They are people specialized in the art of cooking asado, they are called Asadores. Their role is to make sure the meat doesn’t cook too fast. (in general the meat is well cooked)